5-technology trends likely to continue booming

At the point when the Coronavirus pandemic started at the beginning of March, we as a whole immediately comprehended that we would need to adjust our everyday lives to battle the imperceptible adversary. Organizations expeditiously moved to a distant arrangement, schools and restaurants shut, and an entire host of different measures were set up to forestall the spread of the infection and to guarantee that the healthcare services weren't overburdened.

In any case, consider that not many of us understood by then, that a portion of the progressions to our everyday lives likely could be considerably more dependable than the months spent in isolation. The pandemic will inevitably end, however, what will remain? We investigate the five technologies which we believe are probably going to keep booming in the post-COVID world.

Digital and contactless banking

Concerned that cash may aid the spread of the virus, banks in several countries including the States have implemented measures to heavily encourage card payments and to ensure that banknotes are safe to use before they go into circulation. With bank branches shut in many major cities, account holders have also been forced to move all of their operations online. While digital transactions have been around for years, there are still many banks which do not enable you to open an account remotely. COVID has significantly accelerated their impetus to do so and the post-Corona world is likely to see a vast increase in remote customers on boarding and a further digitization in banking. However, the World Bank has revealed that there are more than 1.7 billion unbanked people, who may not have easy access to digital payments.

Remote work tools

There's no doubt that work from home has been a challenge, Apps, and tools like Squad, Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams have eased our way in excess of efficiency and effectiveness while being not able to meet with co-workers. For many organizations, the pandemic has demonstrated that remote working can be similarly as productive as an office one, and some organizations like Twitter and Square have just said that their representatives can work remotely forever in the future.


With the spread of COVID-19, numerous nations have executed safeguards in GP medical procedures, moving all meetings to mobile phone or video-conferencing. Telehealth can be a successful method to contain infection spread while still giving essential consideration. Wearable individual IoT gadgets can follow essential indications of disease in patients and chatbots can make starting judgments dependent on side effects recognized by patients. GPs in certain countries have just remarked on the expanded productivity of the telehealth framework – which may well proceed with long after the threat of the Covid has passed. Nonetheless, it is essential to take note that telehealth requires a specific degree of tech proficiency to work just as nice internet access. Medical services arrangement is additionally profoundly managed in many countries, and specialists ordinarily can just give clinical consideration to patients in a similar purview – this may imply that guidelines would need to be revised before open telehealthcare is utilized all the more comprehensively. Still, it's surely an industry to watch.


With numerous countries around the globe declaring school and college close during the pandemic, students everywhere in the world have depended on eLearning to have the option to proceed with their schooling and to forestall learning loss. While now many students (especially for more young students), the absence of eye to eye collaboration is emphatically felt, others have discovered that far off internet learning fits them better than genuine exercises. There has likewise been an increase in adult learning, with individuals utilizing Quarantine as a possibility to upskill themselves – to be in a superior position when the employment market recuperates. The innovations associated with distance Learning is not at all like those that utilize work from home and incorporate video-conferencing, augmented reality, and even AI robot instructors.

E-commerce & home deliveries

The rise has been seen by countries around the globe as the pandemic has changed what was already a pleasant to-have into a need, especially for the more weak citizenry. In various countries, the retail area has neglected to adapt to the expansion with the increase in demands, yet strategies are now set up to scale up businesses. There has been information on Chinese ecommerce business organizations sloping up their advancement of robot deliveries – another territory to watch in years to come. Similarly, there has been a critical ascent in takeaway deliveries, with eateries that have never offered the services, presently participating, to endure. This is great news for shoppers, who are confronted with an expanded decision – a trend which is probably going to continue later on in the future.

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